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About tracer gas leak detection

Tracer gas is a harmless lighter-than-air gas. It can be injected into an empty pipe at modest pressure and will escape from the pipe from any leaking areas. It then rises straight to the surface going straight through any common building material, such as concrete, in the way. Once on the surface, our trace and access leak detection specialists can find the tracer gas using a sensitive gas detector.

The gas is completely safe and leaves no residue or deposit either in the pipes or on any surrounding material.

“It’s how it escapes that interests us” 

Our Tracer Gas detection specialists use this method

No Disruption or Mess-

Use of tracer gas is totally non-invasive – once it has left the pipe from the leak location, it goes straight up through almost all building materials including concrete, paving slabs, sand and soil and can be detected at the surface directly above the leak location. Water, of course, does not do this and tends to spread out both sideways and downwards making it much harder to find the precise leak location and necessitating much larger scale excavation works to find the actual leak.

Super Versatility -

Tracer gas can be used in pipes of all sorts of sizes and lengths and of all sorts of materials. It leaves no residues or deposits and can do no harm.

Totally safe -

It’s a completely safe gas to use: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and approved for use in drinking water pipes, waste pipes, central heating pipes, rising mains and petroleum pipelines. It poses no environmental risk and dissipates quickly.

Effectively Efficient -

Once the suspected leaking pipe has been drained of water, tracer gas can be introduced and our engineers can immediately start looking, or sniffing, for escaping gas. It is usually a fairly quick and painless process when compared to laborious moisture mapping exercises that would otherwise be needed.

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