Trace and Access Experts Endoscopy leak detection image. Shinning a light on the hidden water leaks

About Endoscopy leak detection

 An endoscope, or borescope, is a little camera and light on the end of a flexible tube attached to a small screen. The camera can fit into all kinds of otherwise inaccessible places and give us a visible light picture of what is going on. If there is no access to, for instance the inside of a hollow wall, a small hole can be drilled that is just big enough for the camera to fit through and this avoids us having to disturb a much larger area. 

“It’s what’s on the inside that interests us”

Our Endoscopy leak detection specialists use this method


It Helps Us See -

There’s nothing like a direct picture of the leak in action; other forms of leak detection like thermal imagery, moisture readings and tracer gas work very well but they are indirect and don’t allow us to actually see the leak. Endoscopy, however, gives us a live picture showing exactly what’s going on. 

Minimal destruction -

We don’t need to tear stud walls to bits to see what is happening. Often, there’s a small hole or crack already in place and we can pass the camera through this. If not, we’ll only need to drill one hole that is easily repairable afterwards.

An Enlightening Tool -

The light at the end of the thin flexible tube enables our trace and access leak detection specialists to peer past obstacles and shine a light on the problem areas.

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