Trace and Access Experts acoustic leak detection equipment used, non-invasive method, very accurate

About acoustic leak detection 

Acoustic leak detection is one of the more traditional methods used in tracing a leak. Water escaping from a leak in a pipe, makes a noise. The greater the pressure of water in the pipe, the more it causes the pipe leak location and the surrounding material to vibrate and, generally, the louder the noise

Sensitive amplified microphones can be used to home in on the leak by listening at various points and looking for the area with the loudest noise – this is where the leak will be found.

“We listen for the proverbial pin drop” 

Our Acoustic leak detection specialists use this method

Totally Non-invasive -

There is no need to dig up floors or drill holes or even disturb floor coverings; in fact, the denser the material is between the leaking pipe and the surface, the better vibration will travel and the louder the noise that can be picked up on the surface.

Deep Down -

Sometimes pipes are buried quite deeply and other methods of detection are not very effective; an infra-red or thermal camera for example, will not be able to find any change of temperature on the surface caused by a pipe that is both well insulated and deeply buried especially if the water in the leaking pipe is cold or close to the temperature of the surrounding material. In this sort of case, trace and access leak detection specialists often rely on acoustic techniques.

Target Accuracy -

The point on the surface where the noise is loudest is usually the closest point to the actual leak and this can enable us to pinpoint the exact location to dig down and expose the leak for subsequent repair.

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