Trace and Access Experts will find the leak

Our team at Trace and Access Experts specialise in using a wide selection of advanced technology to find your leak as efficiently as possible. The right equipment coupled with our established methods means that we can be as non-invasive as possible – no random digging up of floors!  We take a logical approach which has been shaped by experience over time.


“Experience and the right technology is how you find leaks”

Some of the equipment and methods that the Trace and Access Experts teams use, can be seen below:

Trace and Access Experts tracer gas detection image of equipment used, no disruption, very efficient

Benefits of tracer gas leak detection | Trace & Access Experts

We can fill pipes with an environmentally friendly, completely safe gas and then use a very sensitive detector to look for gas escaping from a leaking pipe. This can often be a very accurate test and can pinpoint a leak from a pipe buried in a concrete floor to within a few centimetres for example.


Trace and access experts thermal Imaging leak detection image. Showing the hidden leak. Non-invasive

Benefits of Thermal Imaging leak detection | Trace & Access Experts

Water pipes constantly produce heat. A leak will change the pipes temperature at the source, revealing the problem. Thermography detects differences in surface temperature, providing our engineers evidence of where the leak is originating from.


Trace and Access Experts acoustic leak detection equipment used, non-invasive method, very accurate

Benefits of acoustic leak detection | Trace & Access Experts

Water escaping from a hole in a pipe makes a noise and we can sometimes hear this noise using a special microphone and amplifier.


Trace and Access Experts Endoscopy leak detection image. Shinning a light on the hidden water leaks

Benefits of Endoscopy leak detection | Trace & Access Experts

A small camera and light at the end of a long flexible tube allows us to see around corners, investigate hidden cavities and peer behind walls; in this way, we can avoid the need to destroy large areas of ceilings, walls and floors.


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