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Leak Detection Specialist | Trace and Access Experts For England and Wales

Our leak detection specialist will find the water leak and expose it ready for repair; this process is called ‘Trace and Access’ by your insurance company.

Accurate leak detection is very much a specialist job with regard to both finding the leak – using the latest specialist equipment in conjunction with deep experience in leak detection – and documenting the process and the end result in an insurance-friendly report such that your insurance company can see all the relevant information set out clearly and concisely, including a ‘recommendations’ section that details all the steps required to return your property to a dry and undamaged state.

Leaks often result in observable dampness somewhere in the property can be from interior pipework, including cold water and hot water pipes as well as wastes and drains, or can be water from the outside coming in via the floors, walls or roof.  Sometimes, there is no obvious sign of water escaping or damp areas in the house and this is particularly common with a continuous pressure loss from unvented central heating systems.

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Alternatively, you may know that you have a leak from an outside pipe – typically from the pipe supplying the building with cold water – and the requirement is to find out exactly where the leak is occurring.

In all these situations, our leak detection specialists have the equipment and experience to find your leak with the minimum of disruption and to expose it for repair (that can sometimes be carried out on the same visit) as well as producing a comprehensive report designed to inform your insurance company of exactly what water damage has resulted from the escaping water and exactly what needs to be done to get the property back to exactly how it was before the leak started.

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