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Problem encountered: Pressure drop from central heating boiler

The home owners had just had a new combi-boiler fitted but the installers were unable to commission it as after filling the system, the pressure very quickly dropped almost to zero.  Although there were no signs of escaping water anywhere, a leaking pipe was suspected and we were asked to investigate.

Our Trace and Access Expert engineers quickly ascertained that there was no leak from any of the accessible pipework and that the most likely leak location was from pipes buried in the concrete beneath the quarry tiles on the ground floor. 

The system was already drained (via the leak) so it was a straightforward job to introduce tracer gas into the pipework:

CS 2 Traser Gas Image 1

The gas detector was then used to sniff out two particular spots on either side of an interior wall where tracer gas was detected:

CS 2 Traser Gas Image 2

Two very small excavations of the concrete were then carried out where the gas had been detected and the leaking pipe was found directly under the interior wall.

CS 2 Traser Gas Image 3


The offending section of pipe was removed:

CS 2 Traser Gas Image 4

A new section of pipe was then soldered into place completing the repair:

CS 2 Traser Gas Image 5

The central heating system was then refilled and this time there was no pressure drop.  The home owners were extremely happy as large scale excavations and the resultant mess, disruption and dust had been avoided and they could enjoy their new boiler.

If you have an unexplained damp patch issue, and you feel we at Trace and Access Experts can help? Please send us an email or call our office, it would be our pleasure to help you.


The overall service provided by Trace and Access Experts at my property has been exceptional from start to finish. I was hugely impressed by the pre-survey briefing provided which was clear and added huge value to the process. The survey undertaken was thorough and the perseverance shown in identifying my underfloor heating leak was commendable. I would also like to thank Paul Whittington personally for the advice and flexibility shown in adapting his methodology for identifying the leak and the personal commitment he has shown in resolving this issue over the busy Christmas period (which has been very important to my young family). Trace and Access provided a five-star service that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in a similar position to the one I found myself in.

- S Batten | Gloucestershire , Private Home


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